The implementation of the project "Together"

The implementation of the project "Together" within the framework of the cross-border cooperation program "Russia-Poland 2014-2020"is in full swing. We have moved on to perhaps the most long - awaited and most important stage for us-repairing the roof of the theater. Well, more precisely, not to the repair itself, but to the definition of the company that will carry out this repair. Today, the Unified information system in the field of procurement posted a notice of an electronic auction (for those who want to participate, here is the link…). The auction itself will be held on may 7, 2020 at 13: 00 on the site
Work should start on June 1 and be completed within 90 days. So, we really hope that the opening of the season will take place under a renovated roof!

Term of implementation: 01.01.2020 г. – 31.12.2021 г.
Total budget of project: 31 539 228,9 RUB (444 115,90 €)
EU and Russian co-financing: 28 379 00 RUB (399 704,31 €) (90%)

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